These three actions characterize EDUtelling, a digital platform that is devised for training organizations, learning and development professionals, students, teachers, experts (Ambassadors) and companies. This Web-based, mobile friendly platform is an interactive tool, containing embedded videos, images and information. It is designed for learning and development professionals and training organizations that want to develop innovative training programs to help the new generations in creating a narrative to successfully communicate their skills.


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Training organization

EDUtelling allows a training organization to approach the market in an innovative way, highlighting the work of students, the professionalism of the training staff and ensuring a clear communication with other professionals (ambassadors, companies, etc).
Fully customizable, the platform includes a public HOME PAGE that the training organization uses to promote its programs and training courses.

After login into the USER ACCOUNT a training organization can constantly manage and monitor all the training activities of the different courses. For every course the organization will assign a tutor and a teacher, and also an ambassador that brings curated learning opportunities to the students. In addition, the training organization will be able to access the student CV and monitor the quality of the training by viewing the multimedia content uploaded by the students and help companies to find the best candidate with the right competence to fill the job position.


EDUtelling helps students to tap into the power of storytelling to build and boost their CVs. Every student can track and document his/her training, uploading texts and multimedia (images and videos) content for every module of the course attended, after receiving approval by his/her teacher. Uploaded content will add value to the curriculum, which will become interactive and always accessible for changes and improvements. Just by pointing a smartphone camera at the photo in the printed CV one will get access to the student CV, verify his/her skills and competence acquired after the training course, and the ability to “know how to do” a JOB.


Through his/her EDUtelling account a teacher can manage courses and teaching modules, can access the full list of the enrolled student and see their profiles. In the MEDIA REVISIONS section, each teacher can view the students’ requests, approve them or give them suggestions on how to improve the text and media content (image and video) uploaded. Like the student, the teacher can also upload content and build a digital and interactive curriculum that reinforces his/her professionalism and competence.


EDUtelling allows companies that login into their user account to choose the best candidate for the job. Within the COURSE SCHEDULE section, companies can access the details of all the courses, and see the curriculum of the students that best match the profile they are looking for. For each course companies can also advertise their internship programs to help students improve their experience and be better prepared when entering the workforce.


The ambassador is an expert in a specific field. He/she is someone who communicates the cultural and social value of a profession, while respecting the local traditions. Through this platform the ambassador can manage his/her profile and access all the info of his/her courses.

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